Nira is actually connected with harvest. It is celebrated in temples as a symbol of abundance and prosperity in cultivation. This is celebrated in Thirumandhamkunnu temple on the first Sunday following Karkidaka vavu (New moon in Karkkidakam). From the foot of the Peepal tree near Koothambalam, on the Eastern side, the subordinate priest proceeds to the Mandapam facing the shrine of Lord Siva with a sheet Paddy corns on his head. After performing special poojas there the sheet is separated and taken with four plantain leaf covers first to Mathrusala and then to other locations in the temple and fixed at salient positions repeating the words “Nira, nira. Poli, poli”. Devotees in their turn get these two items in small stripes of plantain and take to their homes praying for plentiness and prosperity.

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  • Annual pooram festival starts on 02nd April 2017. Kindly contribute for festival and annadanam
    Kindly Donate for construction of 'SHIVELIPUR'/NADAPANDAL. Contributions can be send by DD/MO.
    Please furnish details like Name, Star etc. and Phone Numbers while sending the Vazhivadu details. Additional Rs. 7/- for Ordinary post and Rs. 30/- for Airmail has to be send along with for sending PRASADAM