Chandattam is performed to Daruvigrahas in the temple during Midhunam and Karkkidakam (15th june to 15th Aug)of the Malayalam Era. Chand is a sap oozed out from Teakwood . After Pantheeradi Pooja chand is brought in Kalasas to the Mukha Mandapam of Lord Siva accompanied by devotees and all the vadyas. Prolonged Poojas are performed and the Chand along with Navakom, Panchagavyam and Kalambham in separate Kalasams. Abhishekam with Chand is done to all the daruvigrahas in the temple and Abhishekam with the other three items is done to the Bimba. Chandattam is considered a holy suiblime ritual intensifying and increasing the divinity.

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