Rigveda Laksharchana

Reputed Vedic Brahmins chant Rigveda manthras and make flower offerings to the deity a hundred thousand times. The Laksharchana lasts for seven days and is held in the Mandala season. The sacred yagna was started in 1977 and continues every year without break from first of Danu to seventh (Both days inclusive) scholars, learned, Pandits and Multitude of devotees participate in the laksharchana. Laksharchana increases divinity of deity and contributes to the prosperity and the welfare of mankind as a whole.

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  • Annual pooram festival starts on 02nd April 2017. Kindly contribute for festival and annadanam
    Kindly Donate for construction of 'SHIVELIPUR'/NADAPANDAL. Contributions can be send by DD/MO.
    Please furnish details like Name, Star etc. and Phone Numbers while sending the Vazhivadu details. Additional Rs. 7/- for Ordinary post and Rs. 30/- for Airmail has to be send along with for sending PRASADAM