Valiyakandam Nadeel

Situated a little apart from the Arattukadavu, the immensely large plot known as Valiyakandam or Bhagavathy kandam is so unique in its shape stretching to more than 1.5 acres. Planting of paddy seeds or plants is undertaken as a holy ritualistic performance done with all the rustic significance and unshaken belief. After having the torrential rain a little subsided in the Monsoon in Chingam month in the Malayalam era, the ceremonial planting yagna takes place. Devotees from all the nook and corner of the earst-while Valluvanadu kingdom and far off places, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and belief throng for participating in the ritual planting, which they ardently believe to have worthy and healthy off springs and for securing dignified labour or job openings.

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  • Annual pooram festival starts on 02nd April 2017. Kindly contribute for festival and annadanam
    Kindly Donate for construction of 'SHIVELIPUR'/NADAPANDAL. Contributions can be send by DD/MO.
    Please furnish details like Name, Star etc. and Phone Numbers while sending the Vazhivadu details. Additional Rs. 7/- for Ordinary post and Rs. 30/- for Airmail has to be send along with for sending PRASADAM