This is traditionally a temple art known as Bhagavathyppattu or Bhadrakalippattu. The figure of Devi is developed with the judicious combination of various colors made from roots and leaves and grains. Usually a particular sect called Kuruppanmar has inherent devotional skill in this art. The menacing multi armed goddess wielding weapons is traced in a raised platform called Pattukottil. Decorated with tender coconut leaves, flowers and illuminated by deepams the figure invites an awesome adoration. After Rituals and Poojas and Arathis the figure is deformed and the mixed powder, so got as prasadam, is believed to have great healing properties.
The span of Kalampattu has a long stretch starting from the first date in the Malayalam month Vrishchikam and ending in Meenam in the Rohini star.The first Kalampattu is earmarked to the temple, the next eight to the Ettuveettil Achans, the eight nobilities whose family deity is Sreethirumadhamkunnu Devi. There are forty one kalampattus in the Mandala seasons, the rest thirty two going to another right families. The remaining ones are kept apart for devotees according to the prior booking preferences.

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