Njaralthu Sangeetholsavam

Sangeetholsavam (Music festival) was started in 1997 in memory of Late Nheralath Ramapothuval, the great Sopana Sangeetha exponent of Kerala who lived in the vicinity of this temple and presented sopana sangeetham till his death in the temples all over kerala, This music festival is celebrated annually from 16th February for five days with chanting of Poonthanam Ghanasangam at the end.
Sree Nheralath Ramapothuval was a solitary traveler in his own realms who traveled through untrodden paths and eventually ascended the steps to eternity.
He was a solitary gypsy, never with a companion through out himself. His Sopanasangeethams were, is, replete with the rustic resonance and rhythm of Sree Thirumadhamkunnu, unique in its typical style. He came alone, clad in wet cloths, tightened the strings of his instruments and sang desolving himself in deep devotion in the almighty, the Devi, and left from the world leaving a legendary legacy behind him

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